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Your business is unique, and so are its challenges. In today's competitive marketplace, you must balance good customer service with efficient cash management and risk control. As an e-commerce business you need:


  • Web Hosting:   You need to select a company that will host your website and provide the tools to make your web business successful.
  • Shopping Cart:  You website will need a Shopping Cart program to present your products and calculate totals, taxes and shipping.
  • Payment Gateway:  Your website has to be able to communicate with the credit card processing networks.  A payment gateway like; Converge, AuthorizeNet, PayPal PayFlow, Cybersource  is needed to process the credit cards.
  • Merchant Account:  Your chosen gateway must be connected to a credit card processor with a merchant account.


CapitalQ is a reseller of Adobe System's Business Catalyst.  This provides a web business platform that includes everything you need for a web business.


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