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How Fanfare Works

Hardware/Software Requirements


  • What is Fanfare?

    Fanfare is an easy-to-use marketing and customer loyalty program that integrates loyalty rewards, gift cards, and real-time offer and promotional / prepaid-cards. Fanfare enables you to attract new buyers and encourage them to become high-frequency shoppers. With demonstrable bottom-line impact, real-time rewards, at-a-glance consumer analytics and an effortless customer experience for your shoppers, Fanfare is the next generation in consumer engagement, loyalty and retention programs.

  • How does Fanfare help my business?

    With Fanfare, you can acquire new shoppers and turn them into loyal members, who visit your business more frequently—and spend more when they do. You can use the program to help you re-engage with past shoppers who haven’t purchased from you in a while, too. Fanfare lets you customize your loyalty program to drive the business you want. You can also create special offers and promotions quickly and easily and make them available to your shoppers with a click of a button.

  • How does Fanfare attract new customers?

    Fanfare provides you with the option to use promotional cards to attract new customers. Promotional cards offer an innovative, targeted, and cost-effective way to extend your marketing efforts. With promotional card campaigns, you can load a small dollar amount onto a card, and then distribute the cards in the community, at schools, parks, local events, or even other business to invite new shoppers to visit your business. Since any monetary value loaded on the cards isn’t realized until the card is used, promotional cards provide a targeted marketing campaign for little investment.

  • How does Fanfare work?

    When your shoppers make purchases at your store, they accumulate points for every dollar they spend until they accumulate enough points for a reward.  Your sales representative will provide recommendations for your loyalty program points and rewards based on your industry and average ticket size. These recommendations have been proven to motivate shoppers to become repeat customers while achieving positive returns for your business. In addition, you can set up time-based offers through your Business Dashboard and make them available to your loyalty program members.

  • How Does Fanfare work on my terminal?

    Fanfare is a seamless addition to the existing point-of-sale check out process. Shoppers are either prompted to join your loyalty program or recognized as existing members. Once an existing loyalty program member has been identified either through the use a payment card, phone number or loyalty card, a current offer is automatically presented to them for use. Shoppers also can choose to save an offer for use at another time.

  • Is Fanfare free for my customers?

    Yes, the Fanfare solution is absolutely free for shoppers to join, whether in your store or on-line through your branded Member Website.

  • How do my customers join my Fanfare program?

    Fanfare offers your customers a variety of enrollment options that let them participate when and how they are most comfortable. First, your customers are prompted to join your program during checkout—they can join quickly and simply by providing their phone number, using their payment card or your loyalty card as their program identification. Shoppers can also visit your branded Member Website to enroll, check their rewards and offers, and set up other ways to earn loyalty points such as adding a loyalty and payment card.

  • How does CapitalQ help promote the loyalty program?

    By integrating into the payment stream, all customers are automatically presented an invitation to join your loyalty program!  Even if a customer chooses not to join at checkout, every receipt you print will show the link to your Member Website. Customers can visit your branded website and join anytime.   We’ll also provide a Fanfare Welcome Kit of promotional resources to help kick-start your program.  You also have access to customizable materials that you can print as needed such as  bag stuffers / postcards, posters and counter cards – just add your logo, loyalty program and print.

  • What kind of equipment does Fanfare require?

    Fanfare is available on the VeriFone VX520 with an IP (internet) connection, and can be used with or without the customer-facing PIN pad, the VX820. Additionally, Fanfare is available on the Ingenico iCT250 and Ingenico iCT220 terminals with an IP (internet) connection to Elavon, with or without the optional PIN pad and the Ingenico iWL250G wireless device.

  • What if my Internet is down?

    An Internet IP connection is required for all Fanfare programs except the Fanfare Basic Gift package. If the Internet is down, you can call Elavon Customer Service at 1-800-725-1243 and a transaction can be conducted on your behalf.

  • Do I need a consumer facing PIN pad?

    A consumer-facing PIN pad is not necessary to operate the Fanfare program.  You and your sales staff can read the terminal prompts to your customers and enter their responses for them, or you can turn the terminal towards your customers when needed. With a PIN pad, your customers are presented options to join your loyalty program; they can respond and answer enrollment questions on their own, and will be automatically shown any rewards or offers they have earned.

  • I am having trouble accessing my business Dashboard.  What should I do?

    Your Fanfare Business Dashboard can be accessed
    at https://admin.fanfareloyalty.com/. There is a Forgot Password link that can be used if you cannot recall your password.  If you do not have access to the email address you used to sign-up, call Fanfare Customer Support at 1-800-725-1243.

88 Percent of retailers with rewards programs are more profitable than their competitors without one.


(2011 Deloitte Retail Study)

57 Percent of consumers modify when and where they buy in order to maximize loyalty program benefits.


(The 2013 Maritz Loyalty Report, Maritz Loyalty Marketing, US Edition, May 2013)

84 Percent of customer loyalty program members are likely to choose a retailer with a rewards program over a competitor.


(ACI Worldwide, January 2012)

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