Cloud Based POS


There are many tablet based POS systems that are now available to merchants and CapitalQ can provide processing services on the majority of them.


We sell iPad POS systems from talech and NCR Silver.  Both have been vetted by Elavon.



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NCR Silver

Easy to set up

"It takes less than 30 minutes"

Easy to learn

"I trained my employees in 2 minutes!"

Easy to understand

"I set my weekly sales goals by using talech"

talech for retail


  • Manage inventory real-time
  • Print barcode labels and scan items
  • Track and manage employee hours

talech for restaurants


  • Simplify order management with modifiers
  • Print order tickets to multiple printers
  • Table Layout
  • Adjust tips

More Payment Options


NCR Silver is more than just payments. It’s a full point-of-sale solution that helps you run your small business.

NCR Silver comes with real-time Back Office access from anywhere, automated email and social media marketing, and fraud alerts so that you can stay on top of your business, even when you can’t be there. Throw in 7-day customer support and life’s about to get a lot easier.



With simple return features, quick check-out  options, and customersales and billing history, run your retail store with ease.


Integrated email marketing, loyalty program and gift cards make growing your business simple.


Access real-time reporting dashboards and alerts for unusual discount, sales and price activity from anywhere.

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