talech Mobile

talech Mobile is a customizable, app-based software to fit both iOS and Android smartphones. It offers a dedicated free, entry-level offering to accept payments with minimal setup. talech Mobile is the perfect first step a customer’s payments journey.

Accept card payments with the free
talech Mobile app 

Flexible checkout experience 

Take payments anywhere, including at the counter, in the aisle, at the table, curbside or in the field.

Payment Flexibility

Accept all card-based payments, including EMV, NFC/Contactless, and magstripe.

Quick chip

A key feature that decreases wait times and increases transaction speeds. 

Easy integration 

Compatible with IOS, Android and Windows. Easily connects via Bluetooth with the latest smartphones. 

Versatile design

Contact pads and a USB-C connector simplifies integration with smartphones and accessories. 

Powerful combination

Moby/5500 integrates seamlessly with the talech Mobile app and can conduct up to 400 transactions on one battery charge. 

Grow your business with talech

As your business grows, talech point of sale software can support you with features and hardware suited to your needs. Upgrade seamlessly, keep your historical data, and give your staff a familiar product to help deliver an excellent customer experience.

Menu management

Build an in-app catalog or menu of up to 100 items with multi-level tax support.

Generate invoices

Build and send invoices easily all from within the mobile app to get paid quicker.

Reports and insights

Get a daily sales summary in-app report with more reports available on your talech portal.