Contactless payments

Debit optimization enables customers to do two things they are always interested in; saving money and decreasing the risk of fraudulent transactions.

Contactless payment methods

There are several payment methods that reduce or eliminate touch payment, including contactless tap-and-go cards, mobile wallets, in-app payments, mobile orders, and online payments for curbside pickup or delivery. From a customer experience perspective, the in-person transaction process is simple. To initiate payment, you simply wave your smartphone or card in front of a payment terminal, allowing for a quick and easy checkout. The speedy transaction gets customers on their way faster.

Added fraud protection

Data breaches remain a top concern for cardholders and businesses, but contactless payments have the added benefit of being more secure, since they offer protection against fraud through tokenization technology. In fact, contactless cards have the lowest fraud rate of any type of card payment. This can help businesses mitigate the risk of potential data breaches and the reputational and financial losses that may result.

Contactless benefits

Reducing touchpoints and creating contactless experiences at the point of sale is critical for creating trust with your customer base and continuing to generate revenue today, and in the future. Contactless payments offer multiple benefits that enhance the payment experience for customers.

Why make the shift to PIN on debit:

  • Contactless cards have the lowest fraud rate of any type of card payment
  • Increase the speed of the transaction
  • Future-proof your business by investing in payment acceptance for the future