Dynamic Currency Conversion

Dynamic Currency Conversion allows you to grow your business by entering into the international market while providing convenience and better service to your international cardholders. 

More than 66 global currencies accepted through Dynamic Currency Conversion

With more than 66 global currencies covered for any qualified Visa® or Mastercard® transaction, you can provide a seamless customer experience for international cardholders who want to pay in their home currency. We handle the details of currency exchange conversion, so you can focus on your business.

Processing a debit card through card brands means using the “credit rail,” while using the debit networks is called the “debit rail.” The debit rail requires the entry of a unique, secure personal identification number (PIN) known only to the cardholder. The PIN validates that the cardholder is most likely the authorized user of that debit card, which can stop fraudulent use before the transaction is authorized. In recent years, EMV technology has helped significantly reduce cases of card fraud, however, EMV can only stop counterfeit cards, not fraudulent card users - PIN changes that. This additional layer of validation helps your business protect itself against fraudulent use and fraud related chargebacks.

Let Dynamic Currency Conversion do the math 

Easily create a management account and add new business locations directly within the portal. You can create new employee accounts and manage their permissions to ensure account functions are completed by the appropriate users. Additionally, you can add funding notifications, update report preferences and order supplies without the need to contact customer service.

Dynamic Currency Conversion Benefits

Dynamic Currency Conversion benefits your business as well as the cardholder.

  • Transaction cost is in their home currency, providing greater transparency
  • Competitive exchange rates are offered and locked-in at the time of purchase
  • Minimize disputes and chargebacks
  • Earn a rebated commission on every qualified DCC transaction, gaining an additional revenue stream