Credit card surcharge

Expand your options for lowering the cost of accepting credit cards by offsetting the interchange cost with credit card surcharge services. Elavon is here to provide you the resources for surcharging credit cards with our various programs.

Zero-cost credit card acceptance with credit card surcharge fees

No matter the credit card, you can reliably accept and surcharge credit card payments. Plus, with credit card surcharge, you get a flat-rate PIN debit card acceptance cost of just 1% + $0.25 per transaction.

Credit card surcharge plans that Elavon offers

Merchant managed: The surcharge fees you collect will be funded to your bank account as part of a funding file for a batched submission. At the end of the billing period, the business will see a debit against their account for all surcharge fees you collected and were funded for over the course of the billing cycle.

Acquirer managed: The processor removes the surcharge fees you collected prior to sending the funding file to your bank. No debit of the surcharge fees will appear on your account at the end of the billing period.

Supported regions, terminal, and products for the Surcharge program

 All United States regions except for:  • Connecticut • Maine • Massachusetts • Puerto Rico

talech SaaS (Mobile, Starter, Standard and Premium) supported hardware:

  • Moby5500
  • Link/2500
  • Moby M70
  • talech Register on the Lane3000
    Note: Also supported in talech invoicing and talech online ordering

Supported stand-alone terminals:

  • Tetra Desk3500
  • Tetra Desk5000
  • Tetra Move5000

Credit card surcharge supported products on Converge 

  • iPP320
  • iSC250
  • Link/2500
  • ICMP

Converge API:

  • Hosted payment page
  • Checkout.JS
  • Buy Button

Processing details:

  • Credit card surcharge works on all major credit card brands
  • Merchant pays 1% + $0.25 on PIN debit card transactions