Chargeback management

Elavon's interactive customer portal allows you to manage all aspects of your payments business.

Drive greater efficiency with technology

Our online case management software streamlines the chargeback management process by making it easier for staff to respond to requests through an online portal. Since the portal supports the ability to prioritize chargeback cases based on key factors, you can respond quickly and reduce the number of write-offs, saving time and money. Our chargeback management system features a daily summary of case activity and automated alerts. You set the preferences for your alerts whether it is new chargeback and retrieval cases, status updates, high value amounts and/or case aging. Additionally, our chargeback management system features a broad selection of reports to manage your activities and measure your results.

Improve chargeback management with case visibility

Dynamically organize your chargeback dispute process to manage cases while meeting regulatory deadlines. Automated email notifications and alerts inform you when chargeback cases are above a particular dollar amount, reach certain points in the aging process or when additional information is required. Create files and assign cases based on a variety of attributes – from reason codes and card types – to the age of cases or transaction amounts. Prioritize cases based on various factors such as the potential to be defended and the amount of the chargeback. Assign work queues based on staff’s knowledge or experience of the chargeback dispute process. Create your own response templates to improve efficiencies and shorten the response process.

Comprehensive reporting for efficient chargeback dispute management

Our chargeback management software offers a broad selection of reports to provide full visibility and help effectively manage your chargeback dispute case activities. Reconciliation reports can range from a single listing to a specific filtered report by date, location, card type, case ID, and many other criteria. You can drill down further into a specific chargeback case for a detailed look at the history, including actions taken and results achieved. Online case management enables you to export report data to other enterprise systems, or for offline analysis and distribution.

Simplify chargeback management with a single portal

  • Access your chargeback and retrieval activity from anywhere. Gain the tools you need to manage dispute cases throughout their lifecycle.
  • Define custom work queues and activity views based on your business needs
  • Create your own response templates that yield the best results for your business
  • Upload supporting case documentation, such as receipts, in a variety of formats
  • Export data to use in other enterprise systems