Safe-T security solutions

Our Safe-T security solution features a highly effective combination of authentication, encryption, and tokenization technologies that protect cardholder data at every point in the face-to-face transaction lifecycle without impacting the way you use customer card information.

Safe-T Solo™

Ideal for sole proprietors and smaller businesses, Safe-T Solo is a non-integrated solution that features our triple-layered protection and comes with up to $250,000 of breach assistance in the event that card data is compromised while using Safe-T Solo. This helps to cover card network fines, fees or assessments associated with breach events.

Safe-T Link™

Safe-T Link is a PCI-validated software application that resides within Elavon payment terminals and easily integrates with POS or PMS systems to provide encryption and tokenization. It supports a variety of terminals without direct coding and eliminates the need for EMV certification. Safe-T Link is EMV-certified and supports contactless payments – including unattended retail environments – with the same level of security as dipping the card. EMV Quick Chip allows customers to remove their cards sooner for shop-and-go convenience. Designed to easily integrate with POS and PMS, Safe-T Link is also available on Wi-Fi enabled payment devices for confident processing anywhere.

Safe-T Link with P2PE Protect™

Mitigate the risks of managing payment card data and reassure your customers that you are serious about the safety of their information. A semi-integrated solution, Safe-T Link with P2PE Protect is PCI-validated to soundly protect payment card data, as well as reduce PCI DSS compliance validation scope. This solution features EMV-capable terminals that authenticate the card at the POS to ensure validity. Simplify® PCI-validated software replaces sensitive card data with a token usable for subsequent charges. Data is encrypted throughout the entire transaction loop and decrypted only when it reaches our secure site. Safe-T Link with P2PE Protect requires a strict chain of custody that includes PCI-approved software and devices, secure injection and tamper-free merchant receipt.

Safe-T Instant Tokenization™

Reduce card data storage risks and protect card-not-present transactions that originate from your back office, mobile and eCommerce environments before they are submitted for authorization and processing. During pre-process tokenization at sub-second speed, Safe-T Instant Tokenization replaces card data with a unique token value that prevents the actual card data from entering your payment application database and from storage within your network. Configurable to your current client payment application(s), it can be delivered as a pop-up window, iFrame or coded to your current form to allow token-on-the-fly functionality.