Fast checkout with contactless payment

Accepting mobile payments has never been easier with Elavon Converge payment gateway. Digital wallets offer convenience, ease of use, and increased payment security.

Secure payments with digital wallets

Digital wallets can help you streamline the checkout process and increase completed transactions. Customer information is stored on their digital device, so customers skip lengthy checkout forms. The use of digital wallets can also help mitigate fraud with credit card payments. Converge allows online businesses toaccept payments online  through four top digital wallets for use on their Converge hosted payment pages or checkout webpages with no additional fees: Apple Pay®, Visa Checkout™, Masterpass™ and PayPal™.

  Digital Wallet Options

Accept online payments with any of these four popular digital wallets through Converge hosted payment pages or webpages:

  • Apple Pay®
  • Masterpass™
  • PayPal™
  • Visa Checkout™